Shaheen Dill-Riaz and Nurul Alam Atique share their divergent trajectories, experiences and evolution as filmmakers, although their aspirations come from common cultural spheres like Shahbag, Bishwo Shahitto Kendro, Short Film Movement and influence of poets in Dhaka. Carrying his deep interest in the works of classic European filmmakers, Dill-Riaz speaks about his encounter with the spontaneity of the camera and freedom as a documentary film cinematographer, after he moved to Germany in the early 90’s. This was reflected in his first film ‘Jibon Jole-Bele (Sand and Water), 2003. Atique speaks about his unfinished studies at FTII Pune and the subsequent formation of a commune named ‘Jol Chobi’. He speaks about his film ‘Cycle Er Dana’ which echoes his personal experiences of irregularities and chaos. Dill-Riaz wonders about the improvised and magically realistic characters of Atique’s films ‘Dubshatar’, 2010 and ‘Bikol Pakhir Gan’, 2012. With one eye at the lens and other at the characters, Atique articulates Dill-Riaz’s films as an excuse to build intimate connections with the characters and the fluidity of the camera.

Shaheen Dill-Riaz and Nurul Alam Atique’s films are available online to watch during the festival (12-21 February, 2021). Please click here to watch.

Nurul Alam Atique
Nurul Alam Atique is a film-maker, script writer and dramatist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Through the past two decades, Atique has created a unique style of storytelling that involves intimate human concepts. His works often take inspiration from great works of literature by writers such as Shahidul Jahir and Binoy Majumdar. He has also penned a number of publications and has been involved with art and literature magazines as an editor. He received the Bangladesh National Film Award as Best Scriptwriter for the film ‘Kirtonkhola’ in 2000 and Meril Prothom Alo Critic Award as the Best Director and Scriptwriter for TV drama ‘Choturtha Matra’ among other accolades. He continues to inspire his fellow filmmakers through his diligence in the visual medium.

Photo Credit: Shahriar kabir Himel

Shaheen Dill-Riaz
After spending six years of his life in a military boarding school, Shaheen Dill-Riaz against the will of his parents, turned his back on the soldiers profession. At the age of 19 he went into the independent film scene of Dhaka. There he joined the young film-activists of the city and was involved in various short film productions. Through a scholarship of the Goethe-Institute, he went to Berlin in 1992, where he initially studied at the Freie Universität Berlin History of Art and subsequently Cinematography at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg. He works often in various roles, as a writer, story consultant and producer, besides his core profession of direction and cinematography. Shaheen also offers lectures and workshops as guest professor at various universities.

Photo Credit: Patricia Neligan