Male Pregnancy
Presently I am going on with a very different enjoying experience and I must say it’s also an experiment for me, which is my wife’s pregnancy. She is now crossing her eight months pregnancy. I observed her closely from the very beginning at the different phases. When she feels any complications she says, “God should give half of pains to the father”. Indeed the subject matter of artwork is based on her this remark. Now what I want to do is to transform whole process of pregnancy up on a man through my art work.
The above was my beautiful and cherished experience during 2006. I am still blessed with these experiences as it is vivid in my memory till today.

Yuvraj Zahed Ali Chowdhury, born in 1970, is an artist based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He completed his B.A (Hons), and M.A in Painting from the University of Chittagong. He has participated in various art camps including an international artist camp and workshop organised by Khoj Kolkata, India 2006; International Artist Camp, organised by the Bengal Foundation 2010; and the SAARC Art Camp, 2014.  He is a faculty member of the Institute of Fine Arts, and also a founder member of Jog Art Space.