Evolution, searching & reflection! 

Our surrounding situation, any particular incident, social and political anarchy have always come up in our artworks. We try to acquire knowledge from direct or indirect observation, and try to say the untold words. To express those situations, we consider various knowledge brunches like history, politics, philosophy, culture, and many others. We believe that with our evolution, there is also a constant evolution of our artwork which raises a question about our human-centric identity. To turn those matters into the artwork it takes critical analysis, experiment, and self-question again and again. 

We’ll pick used, unused material around our surroundings to create an art object. Sometimes we take freedom, is to use colors and express different meanings through them. In some of our artworks, we’ll also reconstruct the subject from the masterpiece artworks of the early 21st century, based on present circumstances. We’ll also use audio, video, readymade objects to reflect our thoughts.

In our artwork, we’ll deal with various issues and we’ll try to find out the secret conspiracy and sometimes it leads to extreme despair. In the end, our artwork wouldn’t be telling the truth rather it would make a perception between right or wrong. To deal with this perception a great dilemma might be born and trying to solve those dilemmas is the essence of our artwork.

Kiriti Saha graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, and is currently studying for an MFA degree.  Social or political incidents which occur in his surroundings, become subjects of his artwork.  He has also reconstructed subjects from early 21st century masterpieces, based on present circumstances to express different meanings, at times using other colours. Recently, Kiriti has begun working on a diary of daily life.

Shantanu Chowdhury is a multidisciplinary art practitioner from Bangladesh who was born and grew up in Chattogram (Chittagong). He works in various media such as drawing, installation, film, photography etc. Flippancy and sarcasm merge in his art which dwells on geopolitics and regional politics.

Tanmoy Mitra, born in Jhalokathi on 19 October 1995, is a Bangladeshi art practitioner. He graduated in painting from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, and is currently doing his Master’s.  Tanmoy practices painting, installation art, conceptual art, and contemporary art, and is passionate about his work which is influenced by post-modernism.