Why am I playing to win, if I am just living to die?
Did you ever try to listen to your heart?
Did you ever try to listen the music of earth?
Listen in the silence; it has quite a story to tell.
Do you have that much time?
If you knew, your time is coming up.
If you knew you are going to end soon.
Will you be still so busy playing your own game of winning?

I was born in Sylhet in 1987, and growing up in a family with a cultural background has made me what I am today.  Nature, people and the life surrounding me fascinates me. I have studied for my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Chittagong, but am most moved by new media art for its capability to connect with people directly.

Currently I am a Senior Visualizer at Brac. I have participated in more than twenty art exhibitions, including the National Art Exhibition, Young Artist Exhibition, Berger Young Painters Art Exhibition, Cheragi Art Show, International Performance Art Festival, and many more.