The Unheard
Art is always a form of political act, even though it’s not intentional all the time. These works of mine also have a strong political perspective. This is part of a series of works that I have been doing for quite a long time. I try to both explore and deconstruct the idea of nationalism through different mediums, sometimes using popular icons, manipulating existing art pieces and so on. This time I choose to work on the idea of 21st February, and try to highlight how it will look if we transcend the boundaries of majoritarian nationalism and be ready to recognize equal rights of all.

Razib Datta works with drawing, text and digital art. His interest lies in deconstructing the traditional language of art and cinema; in an attempt to create ‘non-sense’, Razib often collects photographs, newspapers and film stills to conceptualise his work.

In his series of small drawings, an absurdist character named Ramiz travels around the city trying to understand contemporary events. Razib studied at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong. His work has been exhibited in shows organised by Kalakendra, Bengal Foundation and others.