For me, art is not only to beautify our surrounding not a thing to stare at. Art is a language to me. We communicate and convey out feelings through it. My artwork ‘Shohojpattho’ conveys a very simple, yet common messages to us. These messages are short and strong. It’s like fuel for our inner sense. I’m highly inspired by moral stories of our Bengali traditional book called ‘Ballosikkha’ written by Ramshundor Boshak and this Shohojpattho is a tribute to Ballosikkha.

I am Nuzzhat Tabassum Binti, currently doing my Master’s in Fine Arts at the University of Chittagong.  I’m from Noakhali district, but was born and brought up in Chattogram (Chittagong).  I have many memories and attachments towards this city. I was never good at the 3 Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) and stuff like that, my books were full of doodles. The only classes I excelled at were the ones based around the arts. I was fascinated with drawing, crafting and making handmade stuff so much so, that I have made it into my career.