25 August

On 25 August 2017, Rohingyas were intruding into Bangladesh in a large number which created the world’s largest refugee crisis. 

After a few days, while I was covering this man-made crisis, I was completely shocked to see the sufferings of these Rohingya people. I was stunned and asked myself, “Is it real!” 

In my childhood, I had a collection of stamps of the most memorable crisis like the liberation war, assassination of the father of the nation, and so on. Collection of stamps is the best way to memorize the incidents. Due to this reason, I decided to make a stamp project on the Rohingya crisis in 2017 through the experiences of my lens. My earlier stamp books are personal but this stamp project is made for all so that people never forget this man-made crisis of millions Rohingyas.

Born in 1982, Kauser Haider is a visual practitioner and freelance photographer based in Bangladesh, who graduated from the Pathshala South Asian Media Academy. He loves to explore personal and private issues through images, videos, cinema posters, archival images, multiple exposure, and sound. He has completed a story on handicapped children in Nepal; ‘A Hall Full of Cinema’ was exhibited internationally in the Angkor, Singapore, and Delhi photo festivals; he participated in the National Art Exhibition 2017 (22 edition), Longitude Latitude, in Cox’s  Bazar-2018, Cheragi Art Show 7-2019. Kauser also teaches and is a founder member of MasTul (Art collective) in Chattogram (Chittagong).