Reflection of Desire

When wishes become big they transform into desires, our thoughts fly high up and desires achieve their fullness as they journey ahead on the path of ideas. This work of mine will blur the hovering sky with the path to be traversed and, as the reflection of desires in images flit on the walls of the mansion, let its rays light up the future of this building.   

Efat Razowana Reya is a visual artist from Chittagong, who is now based in Dhaka. She explores cultural differences between countries. Reya holds a BA and MA in Fine Arts in printmaking from the Dhaka University. She recently completed her education in New Media at the Yunnan Arts University, China. Her multidisciplinary art practices inspire her to explore the local and global context of modernity and post-modernity, in terms of her own experience, place, and history. Reya has participated in many group exhibitions, workshops, site-specific art programs, and some social welfare and human research projects.