‘Jog Art Space’ came into being organically in 2012 with the dream of initiating a space where artists and viewers would connect up and blend in a creative process. Jog started off by creating a multidisciplinary street art show named the ‘Cheragi Art Show’ in Cheragi Pahar Lane in Chattogram (Chittagong), which is the birthplace of Jog in Bangladesh. Jog organises workshops, residencies,  and talks; it works to defend new narratives and also walks beside upcoming artists, thinkers, and creative practitioners in their journeys. It has organised irregular group and solo exhibitions, and several festivals. It has run several art spaces in Chittagong, including one in Jubelee road (2012-2014), and another in South Khulshi road no.1, (2014-2018), to help generate ideas and work. Jog began with five founder members, artists, thinkers, and art students. Three of the founder members run Jog activities; all of its members are art practitioners.  Jog welcomes creative people, the exchange of ideas, and exploring opportunities of working collaboratively with other artists.

A.B.M Saifuzzaman
Arafat Bin Siraji
Asrafun Nahar Ruba
Dilara Begum Jolly
Emilie Flower, Ruth Kelly, Susan Nalugwa Kiguli
Kawsar Mia
Kauser Haider
Nusrat Jahan Shaown
Nuzzhat Tabassum
Najmun Nahar Keya
Razib Dutta
Rydwan Ahmed
Shah Newaz Shaikat
Sharad Das
Smita Purkayastha
Tanmoy Mitra, Shantanu Chowdhury, Kiriti Saha
Yuvraj Zahed Ali Chowdhury