Things We Skip!

In my work, I focus on the reality of the situation of women in a male dominating society. Although a strong position of women has been created in our society but truth behind the curtain is completely different. We can’t ignore the issues like rape, domestic violence above all Gender domination. During this pandemic those social problems have increased even more. Here I tried to create an impression which represents very sensitive n hidden sufferings of an women.

In this lockdown, I tried to portray situations around me such as changing of nature, society, human behavior over all my own situations. It was very hard time to arrange my thinking in a single canvas. Lack of materials gave me another dimension to create my art work. I tried available natural color at home such as aalta, flower stain, turmeric, coffee, used paper etc. I have also drawn my own portrait to keep documentation of what I am going through.

I have completed my MFA (painting) from Rabindra Bharati University. I mainly work with mixed media, collage, water-based colour and paper pulp, I do installations and performance. Most of my work is conceptual, I work mainly on gender politics, socio politics, violence etc. Incidents happening around me, especially that which is connected with my life, provoke me to transform them into my artwork.