BY Tanzim Wahab | February 5, 2021

The Zero edition of Chobi Mela is committed to operating as a safe space which is inclusive and supportive in which no forms of discrimination are tolerated. Core principles which its initiators, Drik and Pathshala abide by, involves creating a respectful and fear-free environment for people of all genders, race, class, religion, ethnicity and sexuality.

Both Drik and Pathshala have a long history of taking a strong position against harassment of any form within their respective workplaces. Drik had commissioned external experts to assess its work environment and develop a gender policy over eighteen years ago. This was later adapted and adopted by Pathshala.

On behalf of the Secretariat, we propose extending this principle to Chobi Mela, reminding ourselves and others that it's only when we individually and collectively own this position that it will be realised.

Chobi Mela

Tanzim Wahab| Festival Director| Chobi Mela